A Queen for Queens

My company has been around for 2 1/2 years now I had a physical locations but closed the doors July of 2017. I revamped and transition moved everything to a home-based business now moving it to online boutique. My company is a faith base company full of love, Faith and hope. The name Hope's Boutique come from nickname my mom called me since I was born not knowing the meaning and the divine connection its has to my destiny and business.

Timia is a compassionate and determined woman of God who is passionate in her roles as a mother, wife, juvenile delinquent specialist, a Legal Shield associate and Fashion Boutique owner.  Her plate is full of things that are near and dear to her heart and she works diligently to keep everything balanced and growing. Timia is a Point Park alumni.  

In February of 2015 Timia was asked to be on an advisory board of a major Fashion Event in Pittsburgh this took her love for fashion and Beauty to a different level probing her to open a space where women can get and look and feel beautiful in one location. 

Timia decided to walk out on faith and started salon and fashion boutique. She really wanted a place that exclude a culture of empowerment Beauty and strong relationship and a world that is moving fast you recognize the importance of knowing the needs and desires of people and really catering to the individual.

 In 2017 Timia closed her physical location and doing so she has grown and learned a lot she has revamped and took a step back. She will now be launching an online boutique for men and women plus size and regular size clothing March 23rd. Although Timia does not design her clothes she takes Pride in hand picking her items for her Soulful clients very personally!